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Chatbot Marketing for Amazon Sellers with Michelle B Smith

June 11, 2019 Florent Hacq Season 1 Episode 4
Ecommerce Unboxed
Chatbot Marketing for Amazon Sellers with Michelle B Smith
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About this episode:

For this episode I sit down with Michelle Barnum Smith, 'the Queen of chatbots for Amazon sellers, who has 18 years experience in digital marketing and has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider.

Chatbot marketing allows brands to communicate and promote products to customers directly on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. Chatbots remove tons of friction for brands (easy opt-in, higher open rates,...) but also have the potential to create a more engaging and more personal experience for customers (vs. email marketing for instance). 

In this episode Michelle gives us a great summary of the fundamentals of chatbot marketing for Amazon sellers, answering questions such as:

- what is a chatbot? 
- how to create a chabot subscriber list?
- how to engage your subscribers and drive sales?
- how to use chatbots to create traffic and grow your sales on Amazon specifically?

Were mentioned in the episode:

Facebook integration with Instagram and WhatsApp:

Connect with Michelle:

Link to Michelle's courses:


Editing by Gonçalo Abrantes
Music “Vera Cruz” by Relly and produced by Snakehips
Artwork by Audrey Hacq

Michelle's background
What is chatbot marketing?
The important of traffic & search on Amazon
Building your chatbot's subscriber list
Engaging your subscriber's list
Segmenting your list
Chatbots vs. e-mail marketing
Few case studies of chatbots Michelle has built
The future: FB, Insta and WhatsApp integration