Ecommerce Unboxed

Measuring Ecommerce Success with Will Young

June 18, 2019 Florent Hacq Season 1 Episode 5
Ecommerce Unboxed
Measuring Ecommerce Success with Will Young
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About this episode: 

I get lots of questions about customer data, how to segment this data and more generally how to measure ecommerce success.

In this episode I sit down with Will Young who is an expert on all three. Will is the CEO of Rais, an AI driven customer data management platform and has more than 10 years experience in big data. 

In this episode he breaks down the fundamental metrics that any ecommerce business should know about, take me through the way you can tarck those metrics and optimise them as well as explaining the key goals behind customer segmentation. 

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Editing by Gonçalo Abrantes
Music “Vera Cruz” by Relly and produced by Snakehips
Artwork by Audrey Hacq

Customer Segmentation
The problem of small data sample size
A way to get started: repeat rate
Breaking down the main e-commerce metrics
Measuring your footfold with sessions
Customer lifetime value vs acquisition cost
Retention rate, the different ways to measure it
The hardest conversion: from 1st to 2nd order
Measuring in volume vs. %
A last important one: conversion rate